Do you have a destiny you are to fulfill?  Are you free to create your own destiny? Can you change a destiny you have already set in motion?  Does your life proceed from choices you make far deeper than your personality?  Do the people you meet come to you by the invitation of your soul?  Are there certain lessons you must learn in order to master your earthly experience? What happens to your soul after you leave the world?

Alan Cohen sheds welcome light on the answers to these questions, and many more, in his groundbreaking webinar series, Soul and Destiny, based on his inspiring book of the same name, released in April, 2021. This program includes the following topics:

- The Unstoppable You
- Soul Contracts
- From Soulmates to Wholemates
- Matches Made in Heaven
- Finding Your Just Right Tribe
- Wrong Reasons, Right Results
- Destiny Bubble
- Intuition: The Doorway to Destiny
- Looking Back on the Future
- Soul Retrieval
- Sit Down to the Banquet
- Body and Soul
- Generational Healing
- Where Your Soul Goes After You Die
- Your Ultimate Destiny

The program includes pre-recorded lectures, visual presentations, guided visualization/meditations, lesson notes, creative homeplays, and a pdf copy of Alan's book, Soul and Destiny.


 - Eight 75-minute pre-recorded video webinar lectures guided by Alan Cohen

 - Notes and Creative Homeplay exercises

- PDF version of Alan's book, Soul and Destiny: Why You Are Here and What You Came to Do

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Soul and Destiny
    • Course Introduction
    • Soul and Destiny Book
    • Disclaimer
  • 2
    Lesson 1
    • Soul and Destiny Video Lesson 1
    • Notes & Creative Homeplay Lesson 1
  • 3
    Lesson 2
    • Soul and Destiny Video Lesson 2
    • Notes & Creative Homeplay Lesson 2
  • 4
    Lessson 3
    • Soul and Destiny Video Lesson 3
    • Notes & Creative Homeplay Lesson 3
  • 5
    Lesson 4
    • Soul and Destiny Video Lesson 4
    • Notes & Creative Homeplay Lesson 4
  • 6
    Lesson 5
    • Soul and Destiny Video Lesson 5
    • Notes & Creative Homeplay Lesson 5
  • 7
    Lesson 6
    • Soul and Destiny Video Lesson 6
    • Notes & Creative Homeplay Lesson 6
  • 8
    Lesson 7
    • Soul and Destiny Video Lesson 7
    • Notes Lesson 7
  • 9
    Lesson 8
    • Soul an Destiny Video Lesson 8
    • Notes Lesson 8

Please note:

This course and its materials will be available to you for one year from the date of  purchase. Please be sure to download any materials you wish to retain for future use prior to that date. Thank you!

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